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August 24, 2009

Well would you look at that! It's been about a year since my last update! Did you miss me?

Believe it or not, Kastle Comics is BACK in ACTION, baby!! As the comic will briefly explain soon, a LOT of stuff happened to me all at once, and life happened in a BIG way. At first it was just me missing a few updates, then I lost the ability and the resources to draw the comic strip at all anymore. But life is back on track, things are swell, and things are consistent enough to try drawing Kastle Comics again!

Unfortunately, I no longer work at the comic book store, which is kind of a bummer, but I moved to Texas to go to college at UNT. So no more adventures of life at the comic book store. But I really liked drawing the comic strip, and I'm gonna try and draw it about just my everday life, cause I am funny people sometimes. When I'm not trying. :P

You may have noticed right off the bat that there are a few things different about the comic. I changed the format to a more printer-friendly layout in case of future publishing endeavors, and got rid of that ugly black border I slapped around the edges for some reason. I'm also scrapping all that messy hatchy scribbly junk I used to do. All this just makes the comic look so much neater in my opinion.

Unlike before, when Kastle Comics would update every day of the week, I'm going to start things off slow with just three times a week, your standard Monday-Wednesday-Friday update, and see how that goes. I've still got work and school, and I can't slack off and draw comics at my new job, so I have less time to work on the strip than usual.

If it gets to the point where I have a huge backlog of comics, or I'm drawing them faster than I thought, then I'll go back to every day, or at least every week day, or something like that. But for now, you get three a week, which is more than anyone's gotten for the last year. XD

I'm not going to go into a whole lot of detail about what happened in the year that I've been away, it's all personal and messy and junk, and full of stupid. But if you check out my deviantART gallery, there are a few comics in there about things that happened in the interim. They're called "Sarah Moments" and can be found in my gallery sort of everywhere.

In closing, I would just like to say... it's good to be back. :D

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