So, here's the low-down on Kastle Comics. It all started because I wanted to draw a comic strip about the stuff that goes down at the comic book store I work at. Between the people that work there, and the weird customers we get sometimes, it gets pretty funny.

Now, I don't think I'm a funny person. But I just started drawing it for kicks. I didn't expect it to be good or anything. I showed people just to see what they thought, and everyone kept telling me to keep drawing it.

So what could I do? I kept drawing it.

It was that simple until my boss, Stan, saw the comic strip. Originally, I had changed the names of the characters slightly to protect the (mostly) innocent. But once Stan got his hands on it, he told me to change the names back to everyone's real names, and he'd post it on the comic store's officially website and everything. Apparently, he just got this huge kick out of it.

Suddenly, this little strip I'd done for my own entertainment became this popular thing among some of the regulars at work. And it was at that point that I decided to put it online as a webcomic.

So! If this comic isn't a work of genius, or isn't the funniest thing in the world, don't be shocked. I still don't think I'm a very funny person. I just draw whatever I want, really. If it turns out funny, hey, bonus.

The good news is, I don't really have to be a funny person to write this thing. Because a lot of what I write in Kastle Comics really happened. I think the funniest part about these stories is that they're true. Cracks me up, really.

Kastle Comics ran for almost a year consistently before it mysteriously vanished off the face of the internet for another year due to life happening and stuff. But now it's back and (hopefully) better than ever!



Sarah White: That's me! I'm the main character, of course. Most of the stories are told from my perspective. I love reading comics and fantasy novels, drawing, and playing video games. Mostly RPGs and figure-em-outs. I'm currently living in North Texas with my sister Manda and her husband Cody while attending UNT.
Manda: My big sister that I recently moved in with. And when I say "big", I only mean that in the sense that she's older. I'm actually two whole inches taller than her!
Cody: Manda's husband and highschool sweetheart and all that bunk. He's an art major currently working at La Chica Mexican Restaurant. He's not a waiter, he's just a guy who happens to be waiting tables at this time.
Wess: My ex-co-worker in crime. He's kinda creepy, listens to punk rock music, and has a band of his own. I think they're called Steel City Crime last I checked. New band, apparently! It's called Now I Have a Machine Gun. He's got a weird-looking puppet he affectionately dubbed Darwin the Atheist Puppet.
Stan: The owner of the Kastle Comics comic book shop, and my former boss. He's a huge Disney and Star Wars freak, and never takes off his Mickey Ears hat.
Jason: Stan's business partner, and half-owner of Kastle Comics. He's not the nicest guy in town, but he's forgotten more about comics than any of the rest of us will ever know.
Darwin: Full name - Darwin the Atheist Puppet. He's an old Bible-teaching puppet Wess found in an abandoned middle school. He since then acquired a cape and bandana.

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Kastle Comics and all related stuff is (c) Sarah White 2008.