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October 22, 2008

Hey all! Been a while! 24 Hour Comic Day went off without a hitch! It was full of fun times and greatness. I'll get my comic back from Stan sometime today, so I should get the pages scanned and uploaded for y'all to see within a few days. We've also got some camera footage from the event, which I'll link to in a second. The video is still the rough cut, and the cameraman started getting bored so he messed around with all the filters and stuff on his camera, so you get some weird color changes and stuff out of nowhere. But it just adds to the experience. A grand total of 5 people finished their 24-page comics, including yours truly. 24HCD people haven't said if they're dong books or winners or anything this year, so we'll all be surprised together! Hooray!

Roll that beautiful bean footage!

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