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September 17, 2008

Okey-dokey! So! I finally have a tutorial up on the Extras page. Go check it out! It's a step-by-step of how I draw Kastle Comics every day. Eventually, I'll get a coloring tutorial and stuff up there too.

Also, AWA is this weekend, and me and Trevor will be THERE. We'll be boy- and girl-type Ranma, so if you're gonna be there and you see us, say hi. A bunch of other people that have shown up in the comic will be there too, like Amy, Chip, and Rob.

Coming up in October is the annual 24 Hour Comic Day challenge! You have 24 hours to draw a 24-page comic. I recommend that everyone tries it out at least once, it's always a lot of fun, and hosting locations usually have free pizza and sodas and stuff. This year is sponsored by BAWLS, the energy drink, so that means some locations might even get free BAWLS! Hells yeah!!

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