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July 30, 2008

Starting about here-ish, you guys get to see the fruits of my New and Improved Background Power. Like I said before, I'm trying, on most pages at least, to have at least one really good background shot to establish the mood and setting of the store for those of you who have never been there before. I really like drawing the really detailed backgrounds, actually. Normally, I despise backgrounds, but I like the end result so much that I can't hate the process TOO much.

In other news, I re-read Watchmen at work the other day and finally bought a copy of it for myself. I think I liked it better this time around than the first time I read it, which was about four years ago. Watchmen was one of the first comics I read (right after Y The Last Man and Fables... I started out with the my-girlfriend-has-never-read-comics-before-is-there-something-she-would-like comics), so I didn't really know much about Marvel or DC superhero comics, so there was a whole nother level to the Watchmen that I never really got.

Now, however, I've been reading superhero comics for four years and between Stan, the customers, and the trivia contests at the store, I know way more about superhero comics than I ever thought I would, so there's a lot more about Watchmen that I appreciate more now that I know what it's spinning off of.

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