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June 17, 2008


Hulk movie rocked! Almost as good as Iron Man, methinks! I love how the opening credits basically said, "First movie never happened! Moving on now!" Sarah approves :)

Also, as le comic says, Trevor is gone at Army stuff. He actually left two months ago, and I drew this comic right after, but because I draw so far ahead, it's just now airing.

Trev told ME to tell YOU that if anyone wanted to send him a note or a card or something while he's in Basic Training, feel free. He'll only be there till July 1st, though. Meh on le timing. But if you wanna send him anything, here's the address.

Pvt. Trevor Jones
BTRY C 1st BN 79th FA
5001 NE Rothwell St Unit C-2
Fort Sill, OK 73503-8017

But, moral of the story is... mas stretchy pants for the win.

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