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June 10, 2008

Well hey there! I sorta forgot to do my review thingy this week, didn't I? Yeeeaaaah. I'm not good at remembering stuff. My mind is like a steel trap. Rusty, and illegal in 47 states.

Hooray! I've mastered the art of stealing clever quotes from the internets!

Okay, for serious-time now! I forgot to review last week's comics, so instead, I'm going to recommend you to two of my favorite online webcomic strips! Hooray!

First one is The Devil's Panties. If you like my comic strip, you'll LOVE TDP. This was honestly THE biggest influence on me when I started Kastle Comics. I would never have started the strip if I hadn't read TDP. The artwork and the writing really really inspired me to try my own hand at a mostly-autobiographical comic strip, and I've been having the time of my life drawing it. So The Devil's Panties gets MAJOR kudos in my book, and totally goes down as my absolute favorite webcomic on the 'nets right now.

Second one is a comic I just discovered yesterday, actually. It's StripTease. What really impressed me about this was the progression the artist makes throughout the comic. Looking at the art in the first page, and comparing it to the artwork in the most recent page, you would never guess that they're drawn by the same person. The improvement made over the years is astounding and really inspiring and impressive. It totally makes me think that doing this comic strip will help my art to drastically improve as well. So you have this hugely astounding artistic development throughout the comic strip (and believe you me, it's so awesome to see artwork progress like this, watching an artist get better and better with each page!), it's also got some seriously funny writing to it, which also takes several unexpected turns to the very very serious.

Best of all, both of these are comics about comics! Booyeah! You get plenty of people writing about video games and movies in their comic strips, but I've read very few webcomics that are about comic books. So these two webcomics are at the top of my list of Sarah's Favorite Webcomics Evar! I also read the following comics on a regular basis, and recommend that everyone at least take a look at them:

Count Your Sheep

Dominic Deegan

Girls With Slingshots

Red String

And there are links to more of my favorite webcomics on the Links page if you wanna check them out.

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