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May 27, 2008

OKAY! After a lot of tinkering, a lot of messing up, and finally throwing my hands in the air and taking the easy way out, I got new stuff on the Extras page worked out.

The "Sarah's Old Comics" page is a lot of fun, but it takes a LONG time to load. I apologize profusely to dial-up users or people with pathetic wireless connections (ME), but my HTML skills are shoddy, and I had no other idea how to do this that didn't require resizing hundreds of thumbnails or creating fifty billion new webpages. I suck, I know.

On the more positive side, I got a new fanart!! Go check it out! HOORAY FOR THE LOVE!

HAHAHA I almost said the date on this post was May 74th!! Hah! I'm clever.

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