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May 24, 2008

I fixed it! Praise me!

If you don't know what I'm talking about, just pretend I never broke anything in the first place. Also, shame on you for not visiting the forums.

Also! I updated the FAQ page! So there's actually stuff THERE now. Hooray me!

Weekly comic glance! This week, Sarah read some Incredible Hercules, Pigeons from Hell, Gemini, and a graphic novel called Rapunzel's Revenge.

Incredible Hercules is, guess what? Incredible! Go figure! I like how they came up with keeping Herc and Amadeus out of the Secret Invasion. I'm glad those two aren't going to be tied up in that whole mess. I think it's better that way. The whole Ethnically-Diverse Team of SuperGods, I'm not so sure about. We'll have to see where that goes.

Pigeons from Hell #2 was slightly disappointing, actually. I liked the first issue, but this one was just blood and guts and chopping people up with hatchets, which I am totally not all about. I hate stuff that's gorey just for the sake of being gorey. Like most horror movies, and pretty much every zombie movie ever created. I can't pay attention to the story when I'm distracted and grossed out by piles of juicy bloody intestines and brains and stuff. Totally not my style. Here's hoping the third issue veers away from that.

Gemini is a new series (I think it's by Image) which looks like it could have some serious potential. I'm curious as to how the series continues, however, seeing as how the main character-ish character dies in the first issue. It does succeed in taking a new direction on the superhero thing. I gotta say, I haven't seen it done quite like this before. It's worth reading, I think, and I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes from here.

Now, Rapunzel's Revenge is THE best thing I read this week. Why? It's RAPUNZEL'S REVENGE!! BOOYEAH! In this fantasy story, Rapunzel escapes from her tyrannical witch of an adopted mother's tower and becomes a braid-slinging cowgirl bent on saving her mom, and yes, the entire country, from the evil witch's wrath! Together with her new best friend Jack, an ex-thief with a pet goose Goldy, they travel the world trying to find a way to stop the witch's magic!! It's brilliant, in my opinion. I love stories that take typical fantasy stories and turn them into something brand new! MWAH! Technically, this book isn't out yet, but when it DOES come out, I reccommend anyone that likes fairy tales to pick this up. If you've ever read Rod Espinosa's The Courageous Princess (or is it The Brave Princess?), it reminded me a LOT of that. And I love everything Rod Espinosa's done that I've read. (Except Prince of Heroes, I don't like the art in that. Meh.)

In other news! Did you know I read stuff OTHER than comic books? I read cheesy fantasy novels, too! For anyone that has a hankering from some good fantasy stuff, I highly recommend Lois MacAllister Bujold for all your fantasy reading needs. Um... Her books are kinda geared more towards girls, I guess, but I think it's something anyone can enjoy. I also just picked up Elizabeth Haydon's series that starts with Rhapsody. It started off kinda slow, but it's getting pretty interesting now. I think I see where it's going, and if it goes where I think it's gonna go, it's going good places.

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