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May 16, 2008

All righty! Comic review for this week! Go!

Tiny Titans. Oh man. I just can't seem to put that down. Like, I don't mean to pick it up. It just ends up in my stack somehow. And I'm like, Well, since it's in my stack, I might as well read it. And I can't help but like it. I don't WANT to like it. I just DO. It's sooooo cheesy and corny in that nostalgic little-kid way. Pure gold.

Sky Dolls. Marvel and a European publishing company, Soleil, are teaming up to release crazy European comics to America! I think this is a BRILLIANT idea. FanTAStic if I do say so myself. I've heard lots of pretty things about European comics, but living in America and all, it's sometimes hard to get hands on them. So yay for Marvel and Soleil! Sky Dolls, I have to say right off the bat, is gorgeous. I absolutely love the artwork. It's smooth, it's soft, it's all streamlined and aerodynamic, but still intensely detailed and well-thought-out. Sarah gives two big thumbs up for the artwork. And if you like big boobs and sexbots, this is right up your alley! The story is okay. I wanna keep reading it, because it intrigues me, but it seems almost like they're shoving symbolism down your throat with every turn of the page. Still good, though! Sarah likes and Sarah will continue to read. Mostly cause it's pretty, though.

Walking Dead. Dear lord. I don't even know why I read this anymore. Aside from the grittily stunning artwork and the amazingly well-written story and the in-depth characters and-- Okay. I keep reading it because it's AMAZING. But My God! The things these people GO through! It just keeps getting worse and worse! It's horrible, but it's brilliant! I honestly can not stop reading that series, even though I keep trying to stop. It's worse than crack, I swear, but I NEED to know what happens to these people. Kirkman, thou art God.

Hmmm... What else did I read this week? This is what I get for waiting until the day after to-- OH YEAH! GeNext! Clairemont (I probably spelled that wrong) is writing GeNext, which is, like... The X-men are all 50 years old or dead and stuff, and the main characters are like, second and third generation mutants, who have grown up knowing this kind of existence their whole lives, right? And it's like, in most X-men we know, they grow up like normal people wanting more out of life, so they go to be a superhero, right? This is the exact opposite. These people grew up around X-men and superheroes their whole lives, and some of them want something more-- they want to be normal people! I thought it was a very good first issue. Nice characterization. I wish they hadn't gone for the obvious and did son-of-Colossus and son-of-Rogue, both of them with nearly identical powers to their previous generation... But whatever! Originality is apparently too difficult when it comes to thinking of new X-men, so they're kinda recycling old ones and making them new again. But I liked the character interaction so far.

I'm personally a big fan of comics that have very solid character interaction. Gen13 almost got it, and then they lost it. Dynamo5 did it very well indeed, and I think I heard rumors that they're continuing that series, which is excellent. Here's hoping GeNext continues in the same direction with this, and doesn't lose itself partway through.

Unfortunately, I also read Batman Confidential this week. I say unfortunately purely because of the content of the story. Stan told me it's suddenly top-shelved and no one under 15 is allowed to buy it, and curiosity got the best of me. Inside is STUNNING artwork done by Kevin McGuire. Everything he touches is gold, and I absolutely LOVE his facial expressions. He's got a range for expressions that every artist just dreams of having. But anyway! The artwork was brilliant, it was the story that had issues. I won't tell you what happened, but I will give you four words so you can sort of get where I'm coming from here. Batgirl. Catwoman. Hedonist club. Need I say more?

On a COMPLETELY unrelated note, I'm gonna rearrange the website a little bit in the next few days or so. The Forum button will be up with the other page-link buttons above the comic strip, and the Gallery page will magically transform into an Extras page, where you will find the Gallery and eventually Tutorials and goodies and such. I really should have done that from the beginning, but Sarah don't think too good. And now my lack of foresight is making things even more difficult on me now. Yay intelligence! :)

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