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May 02, 2008

OKAY! So today and yesterday's comic strips feature Jennie of the infamous The Devil's Panties. I was SO UPSET when she wasn't there for Momocon! I was looking forward to it ALL WEEK because she ALWAYS goes to Momocon and then she DIDN'T and I was SO SAD! And so, apparently, was everyone else in the room.

Anyways... Comics! This week, Sarah read Local #11, Thor Thunder Something or Other, Hercules and a War of Something I Think, Teen Titans Year One #Whatever the Newest Issue Is. And I think that's it.

Local is by far one of my favorite indie comics EVER. I'm both looking forward to and dreading the last issue of that. This issue wasn't as impressive as every other issue was, though. It didn't really interest me as much as their other stories, but I'm hoping for a superb final issue!

Thor has a one-shot with something about Thunder in the title, but I can't remember what it was. He kills LOTS of Frost Giants and Loki gets his ass beat, so it is entirely positive. Definitely pick that one up. It goes more into the mythology of Thor and stuff, and legends right out of Asgardian stories and such.

There was an independent comic put out about Hercules. That's mythology Hercules, not Marvel Hercules. That story was excellent as well. Very gritty. The panel layout can be kind of confusing at times, it's like, Okay, do I go across the page, or down the page? Stuff like that. But I like the way they protray Herc in this comic, with his lion head thingy on all the time and stuff. I just think it's funny that anytime a comic draws Spartan warriors now, they all look like the guys from 300. :)

Teen Titans Year One is my favorite DC title out right now! Which I guess isn't saying much because DC hasn't been impressing me lately. BUT! TTYO is always a fun read. :) And I love the artwork in that, too. Very simple cartoony stuff. Go figure why I would go for something like that. :)

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