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March 28, 2008

Hahaha I love my job. Hilarious stuff just keeps happening nonstop. I've got another week's worth of comic strips just from what happened last night. XD I love this job!

Also, if you read comics, I'm planning on doing a little Weekly Comic Review here in the comments area each Thursday. I would do it this week, but nothing came out that I read. There was that Minx preview we got, though. Waterbaby looks like it's got some serious potential. I'm worried about the sequel to Plain Janes, called Janes in Love. The first book was so good that it seems hard to make a sequel that would be just as good. Especially when the premise of the story is it's Valentine's Day, and the Janes are falling in love left and right.

The trade paperback for Ghost Rider, Trail of Tears came out this week, too. I didn't read that when it was coming out in individual issues because I am not a Ghost Rider fan at all. But I got bored at work and read the TPB, and I have to say, I was impressed. It wasn't Ghost Rider at all, but there was a guy possessed by the Spirit of Vengeance. And man, it was good. The art was done by Crain, the guy who's doing X-Force right now. His artwork is amazing, but it looks kind of weird sometimes. Maybe that's just me.

Sarah also recommends: Y the Last Man (ending soon), Invincible (my favorite superhero ever), and The Sword (the Luna brother's best book ever).

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