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Feb. 24

Kastle Comics has been pimped. Posted on the ComicGenesis forums, my deviantART page, and my friend on LiveJournal posted about it.

I just wanna say thanks to the people that have emailed and IMed me already, thanking me and encouraging me. I'm all kinds of excited about this, and it's a huge confidence boost knowing that there are actually people reading this that like it enough to go out of their way and tell me how much they love my comic strip. So thank you so so much, you're my favorite people in the world.

A friend raised the question of a forum yesterday. She's jumping the gun a little bit I think. While I now know there are actually people who enjoy reading Kastle Comics, I'm going to wait a while before I get a forum going. Probably wait until at least 100 strips, you know? Or if I get enough emails begging me for one. But for now, I think it's easy enough to get ahold of me through email and AIM if anyone wants to.

By the way... Color is pretty. :)

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